The development of grinding discs has made more and more disc manufacturers in the market, and the market competitiveness has gradually increased. In order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition, China grinding disc manufacturer must constantly innovate products to continuously Pre-development.
According to reports, at the press conference on the operation of the grinding disc in the first half of the China Machine Industry Association, it was pointed out that the independent innovation of China's grinding discs is continuously advancing to the depth level. The pace of independent innovation of some key components and special high-quality raw materials that have been subject to import for a long time is constantly increasing. accelerate.
Since the beginning of this year, China's grinding disc independent innovation activities are being pushed from the host level to the key supporting parts. For example, Northern Heavy Industries relied on a self-made 36,000 tons of ferrous metal vertical extruder to successfully develop large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel tubes that are urgently needed for the production of supercritical boilers.
At the same time, the independent innovation of the high-end equipment of the grinding disc has continuously achieved new results, and the self-sufficiency rate of high-end equipment has been continuously improved. Among them, the world's first positive and negative 800 kV Yunguang UHVDC transmission project completed and the first domestic four-axis CNC precision grinding machine, domestic The birth of the first 1100 MW nuclear power half-speed rotor shows the improvement of China's grinding disc independent innovation capability.
Although the current independent innovation of grinding discs has made certain breakthroughs and gratifying progress, compared with the world's advanced level, there is still a big gap in China's grinding discs, which cannot fully meet the needs of national economic development. This requires enterprises to follow the fundamentals of improving efficiency and quality. Request to continue research and development and production.