With the development of the grinding disc industry, more and more users are now using the grinding disc to work. Although many users know how to work with the grinding disc, for some users, the installation of the grinding disc is not so easy. Everyone knows the grinding disc. It is one of the large machines. Such a bulky machine must be installed with the corresponding auxiliary tools and equipment. Today, China grinding disc manufacturer come to tell you what to pay attention to when installing.
1. Before installing the machine, it must be ensured that the grinding disc is not damaged during the process of loading and transporting the machine.
2. Measure the size of the machine storage position to avoid the position being too small, so that the grinding disc cannot be placed, the position is too large, and the effective local space is wasted.
3, the installation of the grinding disc, usually with the external auxiliary tools, crane, is one of the necessary machines for the installation of the grinding disc. Because the parts of the grinding disc are cumbersome and cannot be realized by simple manpower, the installation of the grinding disc is completed by means of a crane.
4. After the grinding disc has been used for a period of time, the parts will be damaged. At this time, special lubricants must be added to the machine to reduce the speed of wear. To ensure the future life of the machine.