The 105*1.2*16 cutting disc
has been widely used in industrial production, and their unique advantages and features are also well received by users. Although this type of cutting piece is now widely used by users, there are still many places for some new users to know about its use points. Today, Aurora Abrasives will introduce you to the main points of use of 105*1.2*16 cutting disc ?
The main point of the cutting piece is the installation. The efficiency of the installation will be improved. However, if the installation is not good, it will have a certain impact on the use effect. The bridge is also a film. The track cannot be straight when the cutting piece is running at high speed, and the direct result is cutting. After the material appears to be chamfered, it can not meet the processing requirements. The most important thing is the installation and cutting of the cutting piece. The cutting piece is a relatively sharp device, so users must pay attention to safety when using it.
The above is some of the points of use for the cutting piece that I will introduce to you, and I hope to help you better use the cutting piece equipment.