105*1.2*16 cutting disc
is the common cutting piece equipment on the market. Some users choose what quality cutting piece when choosing. It also has a great relationship with the type of cutting machine. The cutting machine has small power and can be selected. Sharp type. The cutting machine has high power and can choose a high-quality cutting piece. When using the cutting piece, the operator should make the cutting piece rotate in the direction of avoiding the surrounding staff. The cut material should not reach into the sidewalk. Then precautions for cutting the105*1.2*16 cutting disc .
When replacing the cutting piece, the power must be cut off. The newly installed cutting piece must meet the requirements of the equipment, and the cutting piece with the quality problem should not be installed. The installation procedure should be carried out according to the installation procedure.
After replacing the cutting piece, it is necessary to test whether there is obvious vibration, and it can be used after confirming that the operation is normal. The control box or switch must be intact and have grounding protection. The protective cover of the transmission device and the grinding wheel must be safe and reliable and can block the broken wheel after the grinding wheel is broken. Flying debris. The end baffle should be securely mounted on the cover and must not be removed during the operation.