Milling discs can be correct for some users if they are used improperly, so how to operate them is correct? Today, the 4 inches China grinding disc factory tells everyone what to do before the grinding disc is used.
1) Operators must wear safety glasses and anti-splash masks.
2) The body should be at a suitable distance from the abrasive tool.
3) Start the power supply, and start the grinding work when the grinding wheel is running smoothly.
4) The end of the work grinding should be kept at 20 mm or more from the hand end.
5) The amount of grinding should be appropriate for each grinding to prevent the workpiece from accidents with the grinding wheel.
6) When grinding for a long time, cold water should be provided next to the grinder to prevent heat and burns when the workpiece is ground.
7) Steel parts with strong fractures cannot be ground on the grinding wheel to prevent the workpiece from cracking.
8) The workpiece shall not be ground perpendicular to the upper surface of the grinding wheel, ie the workpiece shall not be ground on the side of the grinding wheel.
9) It is strictly forbidden to violently impact the workpiece and the grinding wheel. The pressure should be gradually applied during the grinding to make the grinding wheel free from impact and avoid the grinding wheel bursting.