The Corn/Soybean Precision Planter manufacturer is a sewing machine that farmers in northern China often use in agricultural production. So why is this type of seeding opportunity popular with users? What are the uses of this type of planter? Today, the Corn/Soybean Precision Planter manufacturer will introduce it to you.
Come and summarize it for everyone today.
  1. Use:
The machine is matched with the tractor. It is mainly used for single-grain or double-grain sowing of corn in no-tillage. It can also be used to sow soybean or cotton. It can be used to fertilize grain, fertilizer, planting ditch and sowing, covering soil, repressing and other processes.
(2) Features:
1. The seeding device has high seeding precision, and the particle number acceptance index reaches over 89%.
2. The hole spacing is accurate, the seedlings are evenly divided, the competition is small, the individual advantages can be fully exerted, the crops grow vigorously, and the yield is high.
3. It has the function of copying, which can float with the ground. When the local block is undulating, it can maintain a certain sowing depth.
4. Each line of drive shafts is integrated into one, unified drive, the speed is one to one, the transmission power is large, even if one of the ground wheels accidentally slips, it will not affect the normal seeding of the line.