Many people save money on high priced wallets, purses, and duffle bags by purchasing knock offs and imitations of brand name ones. While the quality may not be as good they enjoy giving the impression that they Golden Goose Sneakers are carrying around a very expensive wallet, purse, or duffle bag. Most people really can't identify a clone versus the real thing so the imitation wallet, purse, or duffle bag goes undetected.

Wellmade shoes make wonderful gifts. They're an especially appropriate gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. If you're tired of your husband's sad looking old shoes, stop complaining and buy him something stylish. If he's anything like the majority of male friends in my life, he'll be perfectly content to put on whatever shoes you set in front of him.

Another strategy to try is the offseason sale. Often, stores who sell Christmas items year round will offer high discounts in July or August. These sales benefit both the seller and the collector the seller can boost sluggish summer sales and the collector can take advantage of the offseason rates to purchase cheap Christmas ornaments.

Designer Melissa Baswell started Mountains of the Moon to combine her love of fashion with a green lifestyle. She began selling her designs to small local shops and when her ecofashions grew in popularity, she Golden Goose decided to start her own green fashion line. She has envisioned Mountains of the Moon's goal to be a sustainable design and apparel company aimed at creating highquality clothing that will help and not hurt the earth or any of the planet's inhabitants.