To elaborate on what exactly the posters above said: Reboot is very distinct from the other worlds. Some people like it better, some folks do not. Altering all worlds like Reboot would turn away those players that like the merching aspect of MMO's, or who have more spare money than spare time and prefer to have paid shortcuts to electricity instead of needing to grind.Nexon did wisely to offer Reboot alongside another servers. Maplestory mobile mesos might need to create more Reboot-style servers, or combine several non-Reboot servers, but both choices will need to be stored for those players that want them.

In terms of moving characters between the two types of worlds, that could cause imbalance. The entire notion of Reboot is that everyone is equal: everybody starts with nothing and must work for whatever they get. If you earn a fully-equipped personality from the other world, that breaks this equality principle.

On the other hand, if you make a character on Reboot, farm countless Maplestory M mesos onto it (Reboot has 5x the Maplestory M mesos fall rate) and then transfer it to a normal server, you have an advantage within that planet's "natives" who had to operate in different ways due to their Maplestory M mesos.

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I have been saying this from the start. We need genuine changes, and we want them quickly. Nexon has totally lost control of their bots and it is sad. If they really want to be taken seriously again, they will need to start immediately on weekend patrols and build a great big beautiful report wall that anybody can see IN match but can only use ONCE to get a person. Plus it should be errected in the towns where everyone can see it, so we all understand that the badguys are and don't need to keep sweating about bots destroying the neighborhood. Our leadership at Nexon, they whine. "oh its overly harsh, we can not disclose who has reported" Why? WHY? We've become soft! These are not run of the mill glitches folks. These are bad people. BOTS! Hackers! Not small potatoes folks. This is not some accident whenever someone moves and smegas their equipment or some Guide For Maplestory mobile mesos.