Construction waste crusher is the key equipment in the fine crushing field. Take the high efficient construction waste crusher as an example, the hammer head is connects with hammer handle via bolt. The hammer head adopts chrome molybdenum. The wear resistance of hammer head is the most enduring among the crushing machine. The fission structure of the hammer head makes its replacement more convenient.
Hammer crusher completes the crushing work through the impact force. When the hammer crusher is working, the electrical machine drives the motor to do high speed rotation. The material evenly enters into the crushing chamber. The material will be crushed by the impact force of hammer head. Due to the action of gravity, the material will fall to the baffle and sieve surface that is under the rotor. The crushed material will discharge from the space of the sieve plant. The rest material on the sieve plant will be crushed and ground by the hammer head till it meets the required size.
The characteristics of construction waste crusher:
1. The hammer head adopts new craft with advantages of abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
2. The granularity is adjustable according to the customer requirement.
3. Attractive appearance, compact structure, and easy maintenance.
4. The sealed design settles the dust pollution and ash leakage problems.