In ore machinery production process, the motor drive part of a large equipment, in a big degree, decides using life of the machine. We tack cement mill as an example, which is a main equipment used for processing limestone and other minerals. When the hard materials enter into cement mill, they strike and rub against the in wall and grinding body of construction waste crusher. As times accumulation. The friction produced during it will affects the working of the device. If our method of maintenance is not correct, such critical conditions will shorten the useful life of the device directly.
Some staffs of SBM machinery tell customers that before we purchase a cement mill, in order to ensure long use of the device, we should select a suitable lubricant of the machine, namely industrial slip agents.
SBM specialists suggest that our clients should select a suitable lubricant for their set, according to their actual processing conditions and field conditions, when they purchase different models of cement mill. Besides, when you add lubricant to your machine, you should do it in water-soluble conditions. Since the ore materials that need to process enter into the construction waste crusher grinding chamber evenly and continuously, so we should pour lubricant into cement mill continuously and evenly, and before the injection, lubricant should be soluble mixed to improve the grinding efficiency of cement mill effectively.