When users start to install or maintain the ore milling equipment for the first time, they will often witness the strong vibrating phenomenon during the operation. There are many reasons leading to the ore milling equipment vibration and here are some useful tips for us to handle this problem.
1. In the installation process, the hammer of the crusher is set in the wrong condition. When users turn around the hammer face for later application, they need to change all hammers鈥?Directions of the ore milling equipment. Or strong vibration will happen to the ore milling equipment when it works.
2. The two sets of hammers of the crusher weigh almost the same with little differential. In order to avoid the weight difference, users need to adjust the hammer quality and keep the differential less than 5g.
3. Some hammer may be stuck too tightly, so it won be thrown off during the running process of the crusher. In this case, users could shut down the ore milling equipment and try to make its hammer rotate flexibly.
4. When other components on the rotor weigh differently, the vibration will also happen to the ore milling equipment. At this time, be careful to check them and make timely adjustment.
5. The ore milling equipment vibration will also occur when its main shaft gets transformed. What we can to do handle this problem is to straighten it or replace it.
6. Once the crusher bearings clearance is too wide or the bearings are damaged, strong vibration will appear. Generally, to replace the malfunction bearings is the best solution.