Stone production line generally consists of feeding equipment, jaw crusher manufacturer, transportation equipment, screening equipment, and how the selection of equipment to achieve a low investment, high productivity, stone material effect of grain size, grain shape meets the requirements of quarries, exactly what machines to use, and to meet Han these requests? this is every stone manufacturers need to consider prior to purchasing equipment.

Jaw Crusher crushing capacity of maximum, you can use the ultrafine mill air duct some hard stone, such as to broken with its solid stone not only overqualified, and spent the major part of breaking out of the finished material possible powder, does not conform to the required size. Stone production line commonly used crushing equipment is usually of Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, cone Crusher.

Jaw type broken machine General as rough broken equipment, according to material hardness and abrasion sex of strength can select counterattack type broken machine or Cone type broken machine as in the chronology equipment, counterattack type broken machine main broken as limestone, and basaltic stone, and granite, and concrete, and slag, and cement block, hardness low, and abrasion sex not strong of material, and cone broken main used to broken iron ore, and nonferrous metals ore, and granite, and quartzite, and sand rock, and Pebble, abrasion sex strong of hard material. Some quarrying manufacturers in order to ensure access to high-quality, grain shape, sand, sand even after the counter or tapered break plus of impact sand-maker.