Fortnite's Playground mode is coming back to Fortnite Items the battle royale game on July 25, and now developer Epic Games has detailed everything that's new since we last saw it.

There are lots and lots of changes, one of which is that players can now switch teams mid-game. The idea is that you can swap sides to work together with friends on strategies and then switch to hone your fighting skills. Voice chat is on for all teams, but Epic plans to add "more customisation" options in the future.

Also new for this second iteration of Playground is that, as promised, there is more loot; 100 supply drops have been added, while rocket ammo drop rates are increased. What's more, golf carts are now in Playground, while you can get to the ground faster after dropping in because the forced glider deploy height is now lower. Additionally, ammo and building materials are now far more abundant, while the respawn timer is much lower.

These are just a small sampling of the changes. You can see the Fortnite Skins full patch notes below.

While you wait for Playground to return to Fortnite, the game's first birthday event is going on now that adds birthday cakes to the island. You can also earn special cosmetics by completing challenges and quests. You can check out our Fortnite 1st Birthday challenge guide for more on that.