Grinding Gear Games boasts a new developer diary within the Path of Exile site to being revealing skill revamps arriving June with the 3.3.0 update. The June patch is going to be first of numerous, with each subsequent update targeting another batch of skills for overhaul.
Here's what POE Currency players needs to be expecting in June:
"We is going to be trying to breathe new life into underused older skills with additional mechanics or significant mechanical reworks to ensure they are feel as if brand-new skills". One skill that's within the crosshairs is Cold Snap.
Skill Themes will likely be sets of skills that can offer players a "flavorful character style" when scouting for skills for your theme. This is a lot like that which was seen from your Corpse-based skill overhaul deployed recently. Older skills are also reworked to "have a lot more consistent" theme.
Enabling new types of gameplay by "taking existing skills Cheap POE Currency that won't see much use and supplying them unique twists or mechanics that separate them around the rest".
These significant changes for that skill maintain fast-paced movement style when fighting regular enemies, while creating a combat style on bosses that enables focus on avoiding boss abilities and generating a couple of carefully timed moves as an alternative to rapidly clicking and re-targeting. It's a good illustration showing how we're seeking to push interesting new ways to play Path of Exile.