I do not know from when, the dinosaur image has always existed in the childhood of all children. Even the once-used ones are no exception. Almost all people once had a longing for these giant lizards. Through various kinds of artistic processing, how many dinosaurs are still remembered in our memory?
The most profound memory after 90 awards - Digimon Tyrannosaurus
Greymon is one of the fictional character monsters debuted in the game Digimon Masters Online Currency series developed by Bandai Corporation of Japan and the animation "Digit" adapted from it. The maturation period of Yaguro in the TV animation "The Digimon Adventure", "The Digimon Adventure 02" and "The Digimon Adventure"".
This is a lot of the dinosaur image most remembered since the 1990s. As the digital beast partner of the protagonist of the first generation of Digimon, the Tyrannosaurus beast and its evolutionary pre-larvae, the ancient animal, have always been one of the representatives of the dinosaur image in childhood.
Tyrannosaurus beasts have restored the shape of a Tyrannosaurus rex well - the huge skull highlights the nature of the carnivorous dinosaurs, the petite forepaws, the massive and strong hind limbs, and the way in which the flame is fired is still fresh.
After 90 years oldest impact - dinosaur team
When it comes to dinosaurs, young friends who often watch children's shows in childhood are surely not unfamiliar. As the most special piece in the series of domestically introduced clan squads of Japan’s special photo maker Toei, the dinosaur team was not the original version at the time of its introduction. The dinosaur team that the mainland was able to see at that time was an American remake in 1992. . The story tells the story of five American high school students transforming themselves into teams of super dinosaurs and driving dinosaur robots to defeat the evil queen of the universe and its minions.
When the work in this department was very popular, a dinosaur fever broke out in China at that time. Many dinosaur fans were influenced by this work to a large extent. Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, mastodon, pterodactyl, saber-toothed tiger, and five archetypes of ancient creatures can also be further combined into the beast god. The sales of toys around this product were also second to none at that time in China. The characters' moving figures, weapons, robots, etc., had a toy set of dinosaurs in the middle of the time but the children were quite sorted!
After 90 Years of Continuity Award - Blue Cat Naughty 3000 Questions (Dinosaur)
Most of the knowledge of dinosaurs after the 90s may come from the "Blue Cat Naughty 3000". The dinosaurs are quite outstanding in the series. After that, the introduction of the Blue Cat Dragoon Group continued the classic image of the "Blue Cat." Tyrannosaurus has a strong sense of existence in the Blue Cat series. From the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Dinosaurs to the mechanical tyrannosaurus driven by the protagonist of the Blue Cat Dragoon, the overbearing Tyrannosaurs have been Is the core protagonist of the work.
Of course, in addition to the above three Digimon Masters Currency dinosaur images, there are still many dinosaurs in the memories of the 90-year-old partners, such as the protagonists in the "Interstellar Dinosaurs", the Gormola in the "Altman" series, and a number of dinosaur monsters. The Godzilla series includes all Dinosaur-type monsters including Godzilla. As an ancient creature that has been extinct, dinosaurs have always been the image of young people who have more or less sought after. The latest game named My Dinosaur uses AR technology to capture real-life dinosaurs as a selling point through mobile phone cameras. After landing on major mobile phone platforms, it has gained a large number of fans.
The success of "My Dinosaurs" symbolizes that the classic image of dinosaurs has not declined in the minds of most innocent players. For all kinds of dinosaurs, the interest of fans is also very high. It can be said that the dinosaur element is a timeless classic, and after all, who would not like these mysterious creatures?