Some of the best franchise of games are the Nintendo portable.
In November 1996, Bandai released in Japan a line of toys called Tamagotchi . It was a minigame portable, a little bigger than a watch, in which the goal was to take care of an animal digital pet as if it were real. The toy was a fever worldwide, including in Brazil, where he received the affectionate nickname "virtual pet".
It started as a Tamagotchi with Digimon Masters Currency new features
Despite the success, the toy had a greater appeal to girls, pushing a portion of the male audience. Knowing that, the following year, Bandai released Digimon Virtual Pet , a version of Tamagotchi with bugs that could evolve into monstrous beings and battle each other.
The contract went right and the brand Digimon extended to other media such as anime and games, attracting fans of generations in both fields. It is true to say that the fever Pokémon helped to make it happen, but it was their own right to remain on the market until today.
The intensity present in the animated series and DMO Currency the ever - present search for news and gameplays differentiated in their games Digimon make an independent and unique franchise, being somewhat unfair to label it as "a generic Pokémon Playstation".