With the prior weekly drop of short time items, Primetime Performers, Madden 19 features a new promo to search along using the playoff season entitled Playoff Performers.

On the heels of Madden Overdrive Coins your Playoffs promo that unsurprisingly gave massive boosts on the 12 teams who qualified with the NFL Playoffs, the 2 Limited Time items quite shockingly usually are not tied to teams who made the playoffs, but alternatively players who performed well “during” the one-and-done games in the course of their career.

That opens the door for any litany of potential item upgrades within the ensuing two weeks, even so the immediate returns are lukewarm.

Yes, it’s another Packers LTD, this time within the form of Madden NFL Overdrive Coins Randall Cobb, who follows names like Legends middle linebacker Ray Nitschke, Ghosts of Christmas Present Aaron Rodgers and Ghosts of Christmas Future Jaire Alexander who all received LTD items inside the last three weeks.