War is coming to Tera, that big and exquisite MMO using a focus on exciting, manually controlled combat encounters. Thanks to a revamped guild system, weekly battles are starting in the fields outside Velika.

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Gameforge and developers Bluehole have revamped the MMO's guild system, adding daily quests forTera Gold PS4 guild members and also a special skill tree, alongside those weekly wars, that may take place between 8pm and 10pm on Saturdays.

Last Guild Standing could be the name these weekly showdowns, taking players back to Velika's past to erect towers and defend them using their company guilds in a very two-hour battle of attrition.

The guild whose outpost survives until the end is going to be rewarded while using taxes collected within the previous week. In the case of a draw, the collected taxes flip over to the following week.

That's not it for guilds though - guild masters greater ranking members will probably be also capable toBuy Tera Gold accept daily guild quests because of their bands. The larger the guild, a lot more gold and experience are awarded for completing these quests.

Guild masters will also be in a position to select passive abilities which they can use by all guild members, buffing the guild's health of granting abilities.