The complaint includes references to mega Pikachu hunters parading into an Alabama cemetery, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington over a dozen times within hours of the game’s release last month.
“On the other hand, it has created a lot of social problems. When too many people gather, it causes mass confusion. Also this isn’t limited to Pokemon Mega, but the issue of staring at smartphones while walking is something we have to focus on and think about.”
Conspiracy theory is that Instantfuns which part owns the Pokemon Mega
That frees up your party and your Pokemon's move slots for actually awesome moves.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars said it had revived a 2001 decree against a Pokemon card game in response to queries from believers.
Pokemon GO is only out in a few countries so far, but the game’s astonishing success is already having an impact far and wide.
And out of all the Pokemon Mega RPGs to complain about you also chose Pokemon PRO, one of the best Pokemon Mega RPG out there, to complain about the most irrelevant shit in it.
Social networking companies like Tencent and Facebook may integrate VR content and games to social networking platforms to increase users, said Low, a Shanghai-based analyst.
Where you would just pick a team out of all the Pokemon online game in the generation, without the whole RPG aspect and battle other teams. There also were funny little mini games, so it was a good option as a party game.
This type of animism is embedded in commodity consumerism, where emotive ties between people and things are used to push products. But it is equally a means of fighting the dislocation of modern life by allowing consumers to create meaning, connection and intimacy in their daily routine.
Tap on the Pokemon Mega and it will appear in front of you
No, Pokemon didn't just get a little more 18-rated, it's all about juices and milks and other tasty beverages for your child-self and your Pokemon.
As a child I was infatuated by the original Pokemon games, often wondering what it would be like if they were real. While we’re still not quite there yet, Pokemon Mega’s augmented reality gave me a small glimpse into feeling like a real-life Pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Mega fan, and I like playing many of the Pokemon games.

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