Licensing characters from cinema is a gimmick a lot of games have employed before. We’ve seen Soul Calibur characters turn up randomly in the Soul Calibur series, while Predator and Alien’s xenomorph have ripped each other to shreds in Mortal Kombat. But the situation isn’t quite the same for Soul Calibur 6. To see why, it’s necessary to first understand how this game first sloped out into the light, dripping machete in-hand, and the ways in which its developers are planning to incorporate such icons of horror into its world.

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Soulcalibur games focus on weapons, timing and movement. As you’ll see in our demo, there’s a new way to break through in combat, called Reverse Edge, which is a kind of rock-paper-scissors metagame.

· There’s a lot of stuff to earn and craft in this mode, all of which can be obtained by playing. KI Gold will allow you to accelerate to get to some rarer stuff sooner to help in your fight against Gargos and his minions.

With any luck, the long delay between Soul Calibur 6 and VI means that the game will have the level of polish that gamers are looking for. While the fighting system in SoulCalibur 6 received praise, the story mode left many SoulCalibur players disappointed. Soul fans have been granted two off-shoot games since SoulCalibur 6‘s release, namely SoulCalibur: Lost Swords and SoulCalibur: Unbreakable Soul. However, the former was a single-player free to play experience, and Unbreakable Soul was a digital trading card game. Both received mixed responses from fans, and both have been taken offline and are no longer playable.
The story so far

It’s mostly fluffy talk filled with mild sycophancy but it does give a better idea of what players will see and do, including a reversal mechanic.

Whatever my quibbles about all of that nonsense, I’m genuinely interested in the solo mode. The two best fighting game singleplayer modes I’ve ever encountered were in the Soul Calibur series – entries II and III if memory and wiki research hasn’t failed me entirely – and Shadow Lords, Soul Calibur’s campaign, sounds like it might be along the same lines.

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