Vehicle Spots

Car dealerships were part of Mafia City, so they were added to neighborhoods. Frisco Fields featured the only dealership that sold new vehicles. Others were for used cars. They all could have been places to buy special cars (modded or skinned). Similar to shops however, players were restricted to purchasing items through the Arms Dealer. Due to system memory the dealerships were mostly devoid of cars, especially unique cars in the final game.Several city-wide elements were stitched into the world early on, while others were planned later in development. In both cases that doesn't guarantee they'll make it into the final game. Here's a look at some of the things that still exist in the game without their gameplay or story components.

Power Grid
An early Service players could tap was turning the lights off in an area. An introduction I favored besides the typical menu pop was forming a relationship with a city worker at one of the Power Grids. This never happened though. They're one of many existing locations that could be leveraged in DLC.

Car Washes were an idea that appeared during DLC based on player feedback. Re-using techniques and some assets from mafia game online, several locations were scouted and tested for performance, with UI and scripting planned. This feature was shelved since core DLC features had higher priorities and deadlines.

Fuel Docks were spaced throughout the game like their counterpart automobile Gas Stations. These all have small interiors you can enter and rummage around. A couple of them have fallen docks near them providing a ramp for boats. Used as a stunt or in an enemy encounter, the challenge was to jump the boat and spark the gas pumps in passing, causing them to explode split-seconds later.

Polaroid Hunt
So while dealerships were no place to get cars, successful missions sometimes gifted special cars to players. Successfully taking a Hideout let you take the Racket Boss' vehicle.