Body Talk (Konichiwa Records, 2010) "I've got some news for you. fembots have feelings too." That's Swedish pop star Robyn for you, laying out the rules of gender politics via selfassured singtalk proclamations, calypso synth and sparkling pop melodies. What's especially interesting about this recording, her fifth in the studio, is how it became longoverdue recognition for Robyn, born Robin Miriam Carlsson. She had actually begun her pop music career at the age of sixteen and made her stateside breakthrough with the classic dancepop tunes "Do You Know What It Takes" and "Show Me Love," the latter of which she performed on Nickelodeon's All That. After wresting control back from Jive Records, Robyn created Konichiwa Records in 2005 to keep her artistry alive and well away from corporate control. If she hadn't done that, we likely wouldn't have the Ryksoppproduced banger "None Valentino Shoes of Dem" that calls out heteronormativity, the glittering '80s affair "Call Your Girlfriend" or the yearningyetempowering discopop gem "Dancing on My Own." Body Talk is the outspoken dance record this pop world so desperately needed, one that burns with a futuristic light and, above all, one that most certainly does not "go gentle into that good night." Joni Deutsch (Mountain Stage)

Did you pay a little bit extra for that last pair of sneakers maybe even a lot more so that some sports star's name could grace your ankles? Well, sports commentator Pablo Torre says you can now pay an even bigger premium for the mere potential of star power cache.

I feel best. You want to say that? The now father of two appeared on the cover of parent's magazine. He said being a dad may be his most important position. They mean so much to me. To take the advantage to support my family and be able to involve them in every step of the way in the journey is a special thing.

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