While Otamendi and Azpilicueta both have higher ratings, van Dijk feels as though a better player amongst gamers. He plays such as an absolute Rolls Royce in FIFA 19, equally as he has prepared for Liverpool until now this season.

He will be as strong being an ox and generally seems to intercept practically every pass played near him. Despite not being probably the most highly rated, he's the defender you will need in your team.

Vertonghen would be the perfect compliment to van Dijk with this team. Slotted into your left side of defence, he could be well capable of playing key passes to file for an attacking move.

While his pace is a little disappointing, he a lot more than https://www.mmoah.com/ makes up for doing this with his defensive abilities.

The pickings are slim in terms of well thought of left backs inside the Premier League. While Marcos Alonso will be the highest rated at 82, Mendy will give you more for a team.

His pace is decent, and his awesome crossing amongst Cheap FIFA 19 Coins people is superb. He possesses an exceptionally balanced card, with only his shooting dipping below a 75 rating.

Pogba is perfectly incredible in FIFA 19. He is extremely difficult to chinese junk the ball, possesses decent pace and is also very skilful.