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ultrafine mill maintenance can not be ignored

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  • ultrafine mill maintenance can not be ignored

    ultrafine mill Because of long-term work, the principle of the grinding principle makes its internal wear and tear very serious, so it needs proper maintenance to make it glow and get good working performance. Therefore, the maintenance of the grinding equipment Can not be ignored.
    The performance of ultrafine mill is recognized by users, so its application range is more and more wide, making it really applied. However, many users do not care about its maintenance during the use process, which threatens its service life. Indeed, the service life of a flour mill has a lot to do with its maintenance work. During its work, its maintenance cannot be ignored.
    The milling process is a process in which the powder is broken and its surface area is continuously increased. To increase the new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between the solid molecules and thus consume energy. The material is milled into powder in a coal mill, mainly by crushing, crushing, and grinding.
    In the grinding process, the crushing process consumes more energy. All kinds of milling equipment in the milling process, both of the above two or three ways, but depending on the type of machine depends on the type. So, how can we better maintain and maintain such machines as ultrafine mill? Below, to introduce to everyone the maintenance and repair of milling equipment.
    The maintenance of the milling machinery is a daily work that the user must do, so that it will not cause the machine to be in use, causing major problems. In addition, the maintenance work must be adhered to, after each shutdown, to check whether the bolts of the various parts of the machinery loose, if it is loose, it must be sturdy, check the amount of lubricant in the bearing room before and after the host, and make recharge on time, the bearing chamber with the injection axis Lithium-based lubricating oil is injected into the cap lubricator.