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    JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- The South African health authorities on Thursday confirmed that 36 psychiatric patients have died in Gauteng Province.

    The patients died after being transferred from Life Health Care Esidimeni into care of non-governmental organizations early this year, according to the Department of Health.

    This prompted Minister of Health Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi to ask the Office of Health Ombuds to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

    "These are the kind of cases that must be thoroughly investigated by the Office of the Health Ombudsman and provide us with a report and recommendations for us to act," the minister said.

    The Office of Health Ombuds is established to investigate this kind of cases, he said.

    The decision to ask the Health Ombuds to investigate this allegation was taken after a marathon consultation meeting between the Department of Health and Gauteng provincial officials on Wednesday afternoon.

    The minister was briefed on the transfer of psychiatric patient transfer and further asked for intervention by the national department to deal with the matter effectively, said Joe Maila, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

    In May this year, Dr. Motsoaledi announced Prof. Malegapuru Makgoba as the very first South Africa's Health Ombudsman to investigate people's complaints against health establishments in the country.

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