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    Apple is synonymous with innovation Kyle Lowry Jersey , and at this point, people have come to expect nothing less than the best products from them. The tech giant has been responsible for the release of such notable gadgets as the iPod, the Mac, and they are also the folks behind the release of the online music store KJ McDaniels Jersey , iTunes. They are at the forefront of innovation, and the products they put out rake in the money like nothing that the technological world has ever seen. One of their latest products is the iPad 4, and continuing the trend of the company’s recent successes, this product has also taken the consumer world by storm.
    The iPad is basically a fully-functional tablet computer that can also function as a phone Jonas Valanciunas Jersey , but simply labeling it as that is selling its feature drastically short. The iPad is a marvel of technology, mainly because of all the features that it offers to people. It is outfitted with several programs that include Siri, the intelligent personal assistant designed to help people find an answer to almost any question that comes flashing across their minds. The tablet computer also comes with its very own browser that people can use to surf and access the Internet. The numerous software applications found on the iPad have allowed people to perform a multitude of functions from almost anywhere, reinforcing the notion that this tablet computer is indeed the very embodiment of what good technology truly is. Adding to the inherent appeal of the iPad is the fact that it can be so easily improved by simply purchasing a few apps. These apps also provide users with access to a variety of different programs that they can then deploy to make their experience of using the tablet computer an infinitely more pleasant one. These apps are also very easy to find since they are available on Apple’s very own App Store. The overwhelming success of the original version of the iPad has led the company to develop newer models that showcase even better features. The <"http:i-gear.aushopcategoryipad-4">iPad 4 was released back on November 2 Jay Ajayi Jersey , 2012, and since then, the only thing it has done is garner even larger windfalls for Apple.
    The 4th generation of the iPad is also known as the <"http:i-gear.aushopcategoryipad-mini">iPad Mini, and it features a few new upgraded components that put it a notch above its predecessors. One of the features is the newly-designed Apple AX6 chip Jakob Poeltl Jersey , and it is meant to boost the already high performance capabilities of the tablet computer. Also included on the list of upgraded components is the new Lightning connector. The eight-pin connector is an improvement on the previous 30-pin version that came along with the iPad Mini. The area of improvement here is in the portability department, as the lower number indicates that it can be stored more easily. As far as products go, it is tough to find anything that can rival the cultural and technological impact of the iPad, and this newly released version is yet another indicator of the quality of Apple’s products.
    VALLETTA Fletcher Cox Jersey , March 30 (Xinhua) -- Malta's ruling party -- Labour Party on Sunday evening commemorates the coming 35th anniversary of Freedom Day, which marks the definite withdrawal of British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta on March 31, 1979.

    Labour Party functionaries, MPs and supporters are present.

    With video clips of Nelson Mandela DeMar DeRozan Jersey , Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi being played on a big screen, Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called on his supporters to rally for the freedom from prejudice in a short speech at the foot of the Freedom Monument in Vittoriosa.

    Describing it as the next big challenge, Muscat said freedom from prejudice was a question of dignity.

    "We must respect individuals' choice... not to pity them or mock them, this is real freedom Delon Wright Jersey ," Muscat said.

    Addressed to the public for the last time before her resignation as Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity next Tuesday, President-elect Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca described Freedom Day as the culmination of a long political process.

    "It was not just the closure of another military base. Malta at the time depended on the military base for its economic survival. Freedom Day represents economic and cultural freedom from a way of life that depended on others," she said.

    She described Freedom Day as a national triumph "of a mentality that cut loose its dependence on others".

    The traditional regatta race and Freedom Day activities will be held on Monday.

    On 31 March, 1979 the last British Forces left Malta which spelt the end of a permanent military presence in the archipelago. After gaining independence in 1964 and becoming a republic ten years later Corey Clement Jersey , on the departure of the British troops, Malta became independent de facto as well as de jure.

    Malta has the highest number of public holidays in the EU and Freedom Day is one of the national holidays which have been at the centre of an ongoing debate about whether Malta should have more than one national holiday.
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