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    Christian Trevelyan Grey is the male protagonist of the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey. To the outside world, he appears to be a handsome and attractive young man in the business world. However, he has a "hidden life": he

    Christian was born in the city of Detroit. His biological mother,Ella,was addicted to drugs and worked Carton Cigarettes as a prostitute. Her pimp was extremely abusive to both her and Christian, often beating Cristian with a belt, hitting and kicking him, or putting out his cigarettes on his skin, leaving terrible scars and burn marks. When he was four years old, his mother overdosed and Marlboro Red Cigarettes died; he was alone with her corpse for four days before they were discovered by police.

    Christian continues to have nightmares of his childhood even well into adulthood, and often calls his biological mother Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online "the crack whore." Dr. Grace Trevelyan Greywas the emergency room doctor on staff when the traumatized Christian was brought to the hospital by the police. She and her husband, Carrick Grey, adopted Christian into their family, but while they were waiting for the adoption paperwork to go through, he lived with a foster family for several months, which included a ten year oldJack Hyde.

    The Greys moved to Seattle at some point during Christian's childhood, andMia Greywas adopted shortly thereafter. This was a turning point for Christian: until Mia, Christian did not speak, and was wary of his adoptive older brotherElliot Grey.

    As an adolescent, Christian had violent mood swings that often got him into fights, and he secretly drank and was addicted to alcohol. He hated all of the therapists that he was forced to meet with, because none of them were helping him. When he was fifteen years old, he took a landscaping job for his mother's friendElena Lincoln.