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How To Hack Into Someone's Mind Using Rapport

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  • How To Hack Into Someone's Mind Using Rapport

    How To Hack Into Someone's Mind Using Rapport

    Why is it that so many people continue smoking cigarettes despite knowing that it causes cancer? Because knowing something different does not automatically translate into doing something different.

    Why am I Talking About Change?

    A common misconception is that education is just about transferring knowledge. This is fine for students who are already keenly motivated to learn, but what about those who are struggling with motivation, and lacking the confidence to push themselves to reach their best? The heaviest weight around your learners ankles is the wrong mindset. Take these weights off, and their learning will becomes a lot more autonomous. In fact, being able to motivate someone by changing their mindset is not only the most powerful skill of any educator, but the most rewarding part of the job. For this reason, as a teacher, tutor, coach or mentor; above all else, you are an agent of change.

    As will be Marlboro Red Cigarettes discussed in the next section about motivation, you will often find that Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes a young student's mindset can be powerfully influenced by their parent's mindset. This means that to change the mindset of the child, you often have to influence the parents as well.

    Changing Someone's Mind

    To change someone's mindset you need to change their mind about a belief they already hold. When trying to change someone's beliefs about something, you are likely to be met with resistance. If you do it wrong, it may even make the person want to hold onto that belief tighter than ever.

    Have you ever experienced someone arguing furiously with someone else about why they were right and the other was wrong? This intense fury is actually driven by the unconscious mind, trying to hold onto the belief that has been challenged. In essence, when we argue against someone else with such emotion, chances are the reason we're trying to convince them of our belief is because we're actually trying to convince ourselves.