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Fear Of Failure

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  • Fear Of Failure

    Fear Of Failure

    One of the most common self-destructive beliefs that inhibits motivation is "I'm going to fail." Even though holding this belief makes the person more likely to fail, at least when they do they will create an outcome they already believed was going to happen, thus saving the pain of disappointment. Such beliefs are usually stored in the unconscious mind. Consciously, the belief may be as simple as "I'm no good at this", "I hate doing this" or if is has been buried deeply, it could even manifest as "this isn't really Carton Cigarettes important anyhow". The latter belief is formed because it is easier than Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online something you are not good at is not important than to believe that you are no good at something that is important.

    Either way, these self-destructive beliefs are held onto to protect the believer from the pain of disappointment, gives them an excuse not to try too hard or having to feel inadequate. They essentially, a self defence mechanism of the mind, which has determined that the pain caused by these beliefs is less than the potential pain that may come about by not holding them.

    Inception: Changing An Unconscious Belief

    In many occasions, the belief is unconscious and the person does not even realise that it is a belief. The belief is basically stored deeply in the unconscious mind, locked up in the minds safe where it can be guarded by what's known as the 'critical mind'. If the person feels as if you are trying to manipulate them or becomes aware that you're trying to break into their safe, the armoured guards will toss you out.

    Because the belief was not formed though rational logic, don't expect rational logic to change it. Not without rapport. "Look, I understand that deep down this dislike is really stemming from your fear of being humiliated by failure, but if you just." I cut the sentence of there because anything you say past this point doesn't matter anyway.