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Why is it legal to add to tobacco products and how do I get involved to change this

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  • Why is it legal to add to tobacco products and how do I get involved to change this

    Why is it legal to add Newport Carton to tobacco products and how do I get involved to change this

    in your own home etc) it doesn affect anyone else. Many countries ban smoking in public places such as bars and so forth already. I don have a problem with that.

    Also it is not really the nicotine that is the problem, as far as can be determined it is not carcinogenic. Cigarettes Wholesale It may help speed existing cancerous cells it may not opinion is divided. Certainly the real problem with tobacco is the other chemicals in the tobacco not so much the nicotine.

    So the main problem is how tobacco affects the people that use it. Yes it is addictive. Yes it is harmful and raises your chances of death. But that is the choice of the individual. It is nobody else right to ban anyone from partaking in an activity that may threaten their health, it is the individual choice to do so. Once we start legislating what people can and cannot do with their own Carton Cigarettes bodies we start down a slippery slope. Providing people do not inflict their smoke on anyone else, or at least anyone who is unwilling I doubt two smokers would mind, it is up to the individual what they choose to do.

    So it is not illegal because it is the right of any individual to choose how to live their lives. Providing an individual actions do not harm another individual there is no reason for something to be banned I am afraid. To do so is dictatorial and cannot be tolerated in a free society.

    There are other reasons, such as it is big business but the real reason you can make it illegal is that it is indefensible interference in another person life.

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    Wrong Johnny White, wrong all the way around, nicotine doesn kill people who don even use it. Nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine, it not a toxin or a carcinogen. Yes, a nicotine patch can kill you if you put it in your mouth and chew on it. But a person use of a nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, or inhaler, will not kill people around you.

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