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If nicotine were put on a controlled substance list

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  • If nicotine were put on a controlled substance list

    If nicotine were put on a controlled substance list, then by all means, caffeine would also have to be put on the same list. They both are addictive and raise your blood pressure. But it your personal Marlboro Lights 100S choice to use them or not. You appear to be under the impression that nicotine and tobacco are synonymous, which they are not.

    Truth is, pharmaceutical grade nicotine does not come from tobacco at all due to the fact that there are no laws that force tobacco farmers to stick to a set cultivation protocol. It is found in many other plants and can be easily synthesized in a lab. The multitudes of chemicals used by tobacco farmers to ward off insects and control weeds are the primary factors in Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online what makes tobacco use cause cancer.

    Granted, cigarette makers and tobacco processing plants contribute to that as well. But if you had two pipe smokers where one smoked 100% organic tobacco and the other smoked traditional tobacco, the organic Cigarettes For Sale Online tobacco user would be at far less risk. Not risk free, of course, but easily at far less risk.

    Take a look at electronic cigarettes sometime and all the people taking a stand behind them because of how much safer Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes they are than tobacco cigarettes. They have a valid reason for their displeasure with the FDA trying to ban them (when they don even stand a chance of winning). The FDA is funded by tax dollars, and a mass amount of those tax dollars come from tobacco taxing.

    The FDA wants to make sure that all nicotine comes from tobacco because they don want to lose their funding. So, in order to pull that off, they want to try and make nicotine a controlled substance. Yet, they also realize that caffeine is just as dangerous as nicotine and they know they will never get caffeine on a controlled substance list. And you really think the government is honestly concerned with protecting you?

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