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  • Mehta's game plan to smoke

    However, some argue it would be better if Arvind takes Denim Republic, a retail format still under experiment, which showcases all of the company's jeans brands, as the vehicle of expansion for its denim business. "We are not certain about the viability of Lee stores in many smaller towns. A distinct format like Denim Republic may be a better idea," they add. Arvind says it plans smaller stores - perhaps, 800 sq. ft. as against 2,000 sq. ft. in the cities and hopes to have a tighter control over costs as it charts out entry into the urban hinterlands. This retail Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping expansion along with booming malls is expected to throw up significant organic growth.

    Mehta's game plan to push Lee's sales hinges to an extent on line extensions and accessories. A new collection, Lee Neon, positioned as partywear, is poised to hit the market with the initial trade bookings offering hope. Besides, the company has plans to extend Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes Lee into fragrances and eyewear. The brand also has unveiled a new campaign called `Body Talk' developed by Grey Worldwide that hopes to establish the fashion brand's imagery in a language related to the youth. "Lee has maintained its leadership even though many international brands came in later. In the `Body Talk' campaign, we are for the first time focusing almost completely on brand imagery and trying to communicate it in a language and attitude understandable to the target consumer. Lee is not edgy in an extreme sense. It is not dark. It is cool, friendly fashion," says Sanjay Menon, Creative Director of Grey Worldwide. While Arvind hopes to capture the essentials of the brand in Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online its fashion merchandise, the campaign is expected to showcase the same through an attitude that connects with the youth.

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