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    Because this is almost certainly not what has happened here. Eggs are sorted, by hand and machine, by size and weight. Double-yolked eggs are bigger and heavier than normal ones and hence are selected to be sold as 'extra large'.

    Now the 'extraordinary coincidence' begins to melt away, and it is easy to see how Ms Exon really should not have been so spooked by what she saw.

    First, her eggs almost certainly came from a flock with a propensity for laying Cigarettes Wholesale double-yolked eggs.

    Then further selection happened to pick out the largest eggs. In fact, rather than one quintillion to one against, the true odds were probably more like a few tens of thousands to one against or even lower.

    Eggs with two yolks used to be seen as a bad - or sometimes - good omen. It was a sign of twins to come or, maybe, a death in the family. Six at once would have had our ancestors running for the hills.

    But then they did not live in a world of electronic sorting machines and supermarket tricks to add value to their products in every way they can think of.

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