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Connecticut May Spoil Party for LPOs in India

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  • Connecticut May Spoil Party for LPOs in India

    Connecticut May Spoil Party for LPOs in India

    In an article three days ago ("Connecticut May Spoil Party for LPOs in India"), The Times of India reprinted a recent story from The Economic Times, reporting as follows:

    [A legislator in the] US State of Connecticut has introduced a bill designed to prevent law firms and corporates from offshoring the drafting, reviewing and analysing of legal documents to workers overseas. This could impact the legal process outsourcing (LPO) sector in India. LPO players are also worried that other US states may pick up the cue from Connecticut.

    Actually, if any LPO players are worried, there is no cause for it. The chances of this misguided piece of proposed legislation passing, or being upheld by the courts if it somehow were to pass, are about zero.

    The proposed law (HB 5083), introduced by State Representative Patricia Dillon, would amend Connecticut Gen. Stat. or India, is not only of benefit to clients (who end up paying less in fees), but it also helps lawyers (by lowering their own costs, increasing their flexibility, and giving them a fighting chance to win and keep clients). That why every bar association ethics panel that has spoken on this issue (more than half a dozen across the country so far, including that of the ABA) has come down in favor of this same kind of legal outsourcing that would be banned by this bill proposed by a non-lawyer. In short, there is no serious constituency for this proposed law.

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