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    Third, although the bill sponsor says she is concerned about the "quality" of the work being done overseas, she fails to understand that supervision and quality control regarding offshore legal process outsourcing is one of the well-recognized duties Marlboro Reds 100S Carton of lawyers themselves, in Connecticut and elsewhere. So the bill serves no worthwhile purpose, and it would actually take away one of the more useful roles that lawyers are providing now.

    Lastly, by attempting to take aim against offshore legal outsourcing, Rep. Dillon fails to recognize that outsourcing actually can create more legal jobs, not fewer. As we pointed out in a previous blog post ("12 Ways Offshore Legal Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale Outsourcing Could Shake Up the Law World in the New Decade"):

    The mostly untapped market for affordable legal services (a phrase now widely seen as an oxymoron) is vast. because they are outsourced, [Case Western Reserve University] law professor Cassandra Burke Robertson concludes otherwise, in her law review article ["A Collaborative Model of Offshore Legal Outsourcing"]. She cites facts to support her point that offshore legal outsourcing "creates more jobs than it eliminates. Deals previously undone, and litigations previously settled (or never filed), due to previously excessive legal costs, become suddenly affordable. Affordability means more work for the Western lawyers involved in supervision, editing, negotiating, and/or appearing in court.

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