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    If Gov. John Kasich doesn't want to commute Campbell's sentence, delaying his sentence would have the same effect because the inmate will die soon, advocates Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping said. "He's probably in the poorest health of any living death-row inmate in the country," said Kevin Werner of Ohioans to Stop Executions.

    Campbell is scheduled for a clemency hearing Thursday. A spokesman for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said that, in advance of the hearing, his office will file a response rebutting the claims made in Campbell's application.

    Campbell argues that poor health is one reason he shouldn't be put to death, but he used an earlier, false health claim to commit the crime that put him on death row. Campbell feigned paralysis from a glancing bullet wound suffered during a robbery arrest. As Campbell was being taken to the Franklin County Courthouse for a Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping hearing on April 2, 1997, he sprang from his wheelchair, overpowered a deputy sheriff, took her gun and fled. He then carjacked Dials, who was at the courthouse to pay a traffic ticket. After driving Dials around for hours, Campbell ordered him onto the floor of his truck and shot him twice.

    Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien, who at the time of Campbell's trial called him "the poster child for the death penalty," couldn't be reached Tuesday for comment.

    It would help if he just dies but does he have to be conscious at the start of the lethal injection? Put him under and then kill him. His lawyer is trying to prolong his suffering to generate lawyer income. COPD feels like a slow suffocation, rough way to go. I have to review the Ohio Rules.

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