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    If there is a great invented headphones that everyone should have botas ugg black friday , it must be the in-ear headphones. They are known by many different terms like canal phones, ear canal headphones, earphones, or in ear monitors. There is something that make the in-ear earphones special, which is the actual earphones that can fit specifically into the ear canal and seal it botas ugg rebajas , like what we have in normal ear plug. Thanks to these earphones sound is carried efficiently into the ear and remains in there and the quality is far better than the more traditional and commonly found headphones. As they are similarly priced to regular headphones, these earphones are a better and sensible choice. Just like ordinary headphones, there are various prices labelled for various products of in-ear earphones, which constitute the quality and the durability. The earphones that are of higher quality are called in ear monitors or IEM’s and are most commonly used by musicians and audio engineers.

    In-ear headphones are very durable, and they can be easily found in the market. Most of these earphones can be adapted to fit the exact size and shape of your ear. To suit the ear even better , these headphones come also with sleeves of different sizes. Some soft materials like foam, elastomer, or even silicon rubber are used to make these sleeves, so that they do not push the ears so hard that they will not hurt the ears. For those who want to have an even closer fit, there are a number of manufacturers that provide a custom fitting for their earphones. The ears shape and size will be measured and printed to make the exact casting , and then the custom moulded plugs made of silicon rubber or elastomer are made. The in-ear headphones play an important role acoustically as they cancel out any exterior noise from the users environment, be it cars, machinery or any other source. Somehow, these earphones also improve the sound quality so that the users can have an exceptional listening experience. Considering all fantastic customization process, it is understandable that the in-ear monitor will cost more expensively than the regular earphones. These earphones are not easy to resell as they are specifically made for a particular individual.

    In the market , we can find a great number of in-ear headphones with various models, colours, sizes, and brands. Some fit fairly deep into the ear canal and are the ones that provide the best reduction of ambient sound and therefore the highest quality of sound from the earphones itself. It is important for one to check the fit in order to make sure that he or she get the solid bass sound. If the earphones are too small, the sound escapes and causes a loss in sound in general and bass in particular. The ones that fit shallower in the ear are not as effective in blocking out the other sounds. Finally , the best choice is the ones which fit best to the user’s ear, although, of course, the quality of the earphones will also influence the quality of the sound produced by the earphones sets.

    Compared to headphones, in-ear headphones are definitely much safer choice for the ears. Headphones make users increase sound volumes which can be detrimental to their hearing abilities. On the other hand , canal phones block out any other external ambient sounds and create a clear and pristine sound quality that is difficult to replicate.

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    CAIRO, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- At least 13 people were killed and four others injured in a car crash south of Egypt's capital Cairo, official MENA news agency reported on Monday.

    On Sunday night, a microbus overturned on the desert road in Minya province, about 245 km south of Cairo, when one of its tires exploded due to high speed, according to the report.

    The injured were carried to hospital and an investigation was launched, it said.

    statistics from Egypt's Transport Ministry shows that road accidents in the most populous Arab country kill about 10,000 people every year, and over 60 percent of these accidents are caused by microbuses.

    ZHAMGYIRONG, Tibet, April 30 (Xinhua) -- Trade along the Tibet-Nepal border has collapsed since Saturday's earthquake.

    Zham and Gyirong, the two passes connecting Tibet and Nepal, were the hardest hit parts of China. The Tibet Autonomous Region government has evacuated thousands from the border towns due to the risk of landslides.

    Xu Yang , an official from the Zham border post, told Xinhua on Thursday that trade in Zham has ground to a complete halt. Just 120 km from Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital, about 90 percent of trade between China and Nepal passes through Zham. China exports daily necessities, digital products , clothes and shoes to Nepal and imports handicrafts and Buddhist items.

    Jia Dusheng, 53, originally from northwest China's Gansu Province, made his way to a resettlement site in Lhatse County, some 300 km away from Zham. He has run a grocery store in Zham for over ten years.

    "People from Nepal were my main customers ," Jia said. "I will definitely go back when it is safe. I can't just abandon everything I've accumulated over the past decade. Goods worth more than 300,000 yuan (48,000 U.S. dollars) are still locked in my warehouse there."

    Border trade at Zham Pass was good. Imports and exports valued at 1.6 billion U.S. dollars passed through the town in 2014. Over 150 vehicles were typically registered at the pass every day before the earthquake. Streets in Zham were always filled with colorful trucks from Nepal, some of which had to wait all night for customs clearance.

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