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    Everyone has an ideal. Ideal is the beacon of life navigation, leading us forward; ideal is a pair of powerful hands in our own confusion, pulling us out of the predicament; ideal is the distant star in the dark night Wholesale Cigarettes, illuminating our way forward.rimary school student in China, an ordinary primary school student, a small sand that is inconspicuous on the beach. I have a great ideal, but also ordinary, that is - become the president of the country! Being a leader who serves the people is my biggest dream of my life I made this decision Carton Of Newports, I was ready to compete. Because, among the 1.3 billion people in China, I am insignificant. The family has no right to be powerless. It is just a small girl. At the same time, there are so many people who want to be a leader who serves the people. Yes, my chances of being a chairman are very small and very small, but who stipulates that the chairman can only be a rich family? Who stipulates that the chairman can only be born in a powerful family to have a chance to compete?on't give up, I made up my mind before I made this decision!only 12 years old. Only when I am 45 years old, I am qualified to participate in the election. My future is still very long. I have to go through many tests of size and size. How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm? The grass that has not experienced the harsh winter will not feel the warmth of spring Marlboro Lights. I won't take any shortcuts, I won't step on someone's head and pick the fruit. I want to be a leader who serves the people. I want to be as selfless as Lei Feng. I want to be as meticulous as Premier Zhou. I am as brave and fearless as Li Dazhen, and loyal to the revolution. I want to serve the people like Chairman Mao. , like Chairman Mao, led the Chinese to rise step by step, let China stand at the peak and say to the world: "We are the best!" Cigarettes Cheaper... to dedicate my whole life to the society, to the people, to use my insignificant power to gather the strength of the whole of China Marlboro Gold Pack, and to exchange my short life for a long-term peace of mind. I want everyone I lead to feel. Spring-like warmth; summer-like heat; autumn-like coolness; a mild winter sun in winter!l use my talents to make design drawings, sweat to pave the way, diligently do the foundation, work hard to do the pillars, act as bricks and tiles, wisdom to do the crystallization, a hot heart to serve the heart of the people, use my life to come Finishing the castle, it may be small, small enough to hold others, not to be able to hold on; itll work hard for my dreams! I believe that one day in the future, I will succeed, I will complete my dream!