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    Mirrors have always possessed a certain eerie otherworldliness. The powers of reflective surfaces to captivate and deceive are featured strongly in stories such as Narcissus and the Snow Queen. Many superstitions and myths involve looking into a mirror at midnight on All Hallows Eve. Unmarried women were told that if they gazed into a mirror on Halloween night, the face of their future husband would appear in the mirror. If they were destined to die before marriage, a skull would appear. The English legend of Bloody Mary has been the subject of many big screen pictures including the 2006 film Bloody Mary, the Candyman and Poltergeist 3. If one chants her name 3 times into a mirror at midnight on Halloween she will appear. Gothic Cheap Cigarette style, wrought iron mirrors were used throughout the 19th century to perform these rituals.

    Divination or fortune telling has been practiced for centuries; catoptromancy is a term used to describe divination using a mirror which dates back to Ancient Rome. Catoptromancy is a type of scrying which literally means gazing, shortened from descrying. Mirror and crystal ball scrying is an evolved form of water scrying, they regarded as water that fixed into one place. Catherine de Medici, Henry IV and John Dee (personal magician to Queen Elizabeth I) all consulted wrought iron mirrors to reveal the Carton Of Newport Cigarettes future.

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