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What should I do when using a green cutting disc?

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  • What should I do when using a green cutting disc?

    Speaking of green cutting disc
    , it is made of high-strength glass fiber mesh made of stainless steel special slice, made of high-quality composite corundum abrasive, professional production process, high-strength glass fiber mesh, the product has a distinctive color appearance, the product It does not contain sulfur, iron, halogen, and other elements. The thickness of the product is less than that of conventional products. Because of its unique advantages, it is very popular and popular in the market. So, what are the precautions for users when using the green cutting disc? The following Aurora abrasives manufacturers introduce to you.
    1. Never use a cutting blade for sanding.
    2, the most economical and most efficient cutting operation is to choose the larger diameter of the cutting piece as much as possible with the power of the angle grinder.
    3. When cutting, always keep the vertical cutting, so as not to cause the grinding wheel to be stuck due to excessive lateral pressure, which will cause the center ring of the grinding wheel to fall off or break.
    4, the weight of the angle grinder itself can fully guarantee the cutting force required for normal cutting, no need to apply more cutting force, when the work needs to do the cutting and grooving work and need to do the grinding work with the little workload, please Choose a multi-purpose cutting and polishing pad.
    The above is the Aurora Abrasives for everyone. The precautions when using the cutting piece. I hope to help everyone!