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How to operate a free sample cutting disc?

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  • How to operate a free sample cutting disc?

    Speaking of the free sample cutting disc, I think everyone knows it. It is made of glass fiber and resin as a reinforced bonding material with high tensile, impact and flexural strength. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metal. Materials, excellent materials, and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and the best economic results for different material workpieces. So what are the operating methods for free sample cutting disc?
    The cutting disc is suitable for construction, hardware, petrochemical, mechanical metallurgy, and hydropower installation. The cutting disc can cut metal flat tubes, square flat steel, I-beam, channel steel, carbon steel, yuan tube, and other materials. Common equipment, then, how to use the cutting disc correctly? The following Aurora abrasive grinding and the use of cutting discs for everyone:
    1. The cutting disc should be placed on the stable ground, away from flammable materials, and the power cord should be connected to the leakage protection device.
    2. The cutting disc should be installed as required, and the test start operation should be smooth before starting work.
    3. The clamping device should be safe and reliable to prevent accidents from loosening the workpiece.
    4. When cutting, the operator should evenly cut and avoid the front side of the cutting piece to prevent accidents caused by improper operation of the cutting piece.
    5. When the work is finished, the surface of the cutting disc should be wiped clean and the workplace should be cleaned in the open air.