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    GUANGZHOU Madison Bowey Capitals Jersey , June 12 (Xinhua) -- Luiz Felipe Scolari of Brazil, who was newly appointed as manager of the Chinese Super League (CSL) giants Guangzhou Evergrande said on Friday that coaching Guangzhou was not a casual decision.

    During the press conference, Scolari who signed a two-and-a half-year contract with the 2014 CSL winners said that: "It's not my first day to recognize Guangzhou Evergrande, I have been keeping in touch with the team in the past three years, so for me it is not a casual decision."

    Guangzhou clinched the AFC Champions League title in 2013 under the guidance of Marcello Lippi, the Brazilian stated that he didn't feel any pressure.

    "We have no pressure, we expressed our thanks to what Lippi has made to China's soccer, we will bring more. We will enhance our advantages and improve our shortcomings."

    Scolari's team has been suffering the injury problems since the beginning of this season, and team boss Xu Jiayin hopes the new coach could change the situation.

    "I will spend some time on communicating with my players, and the new signing players are still in negotiation, not confirmed," said Scolari.

    Guangzhou Evergrande will get back on the court on June 20 against Shandong Luneng when Scolari will make his debut in CSL.
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