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    In recent years, the amount Cheap Newport Cigarettes From China of female lung cancer people in China has been growing year by year. Second-hand smoke, air pollution and interior pollution are all factors resulting in female lung cancer. Additionally , as a "cook woman" from the family, women are often subjected to soot, which also boosts the risk of lung cancer. The cough should be noticed inside two weeks

    Tell a story very first: a 33-year-old young man, themself is a medical university scholar, this year when the New Year coughing, also do not feel exactly what, he got some ugg medicine and anti-inflammatory medicines to eat, he thought which ran to the hospital is really treated. After half a yr, Marlboro Cigarettes Online the cough is still not really stop, this just visited the hospital to take an Xray, the result has been lung Newport 100s cancer tumor terminal lu shun told, cough for a period of time can cause attention. "Generally speaking, whether or Carton of Newports Online not you have a persistent dry shhh or a cough Buy Newports Online Cheap with phlegm, the type of cough is not essential. In the case of a cough enduring for two weeks and anti-biotics are not effective, a detailed exam in the respiratory department from the hospital is recommended as soon as possible. Individualized therapy became typically the dominant direction